Terms and Conditions of Hire

The terms and conditions of hire of the field and its facilities are subject to the terms and conditions set out below. The hirer must indicate, at the time of booking, via e-mail or in writing, that they accept these terms and conditions to validate the booking.

Hirer undertaking The hirer undertakes to ensure that they understand the terms and conditions as laid out below and subsequent amendments or special conditions in force at the time of booking.
Bookings Bookings must be made via Chris Wallis by email or text or via the web site “Contact Us” page.
Bookings cannot normally be refunded less than seven days in advance. Cancellations must be made in writing.
The person who makes the booking must be over 18, they must be on site at all times during the booking as the responsible adult.
If the hirer is hiring the hall on behalf of an organisation, the above point still applies – but the organisation becomes jointly liable with the hirer.
Any parties for persons under 18 must have a supervising adult in charge on the premises at all times.
The booking is not confirmed until the agreed deposit has been paid.
Payment must be made in full in advance or on the day of the hire to Abbotts Ann Parish Council
Each group leader must be aware of, and convey to their group, all the rules governing use of the premises and of the fire procedures.
The group leader is responsible for getting out, and returning, any equipment used in the designated area.
Hirers may not sub-let or use the Premises for any purpose other than that described in their Booking Application.
If a hirer is a regular weekly user, the AASFG reserves the right to cancel all, or part of, certain bookings in favour of one-off bookings. Such cancellations shall not occur more than once a month, and at least six weeks notice shall be given of such cancellation.
The AASFG reserves the right to nominate a specified weekday evening as not being available for regular weekly bookings, so that priority can be given to monthly, or less frequent, bookings.
All bookings shall normally end at midnight, all clearing up must be complete before that time or arrangements must be made for the following morning, if available, for which an extra charge may be made.
Terms of Use Every effort shall be made to hand over the hall in a clean state, the hirer must ensure that all facilities (main room, kitchen, toilets and changing rooms) are left in the same condition as on arrival. Refuse should be placed in the bins outside or taken home, or a further charge may be made for cleaning.
Smoking is not permitted in the pavilion.
We have neighbours so every effort must be made to keep noise levels down and consideration also given to other people hiring at the same time the hirer must respect local residents when using the facilities and AASFG reserve the right to terminate or cancel the booking and future bookings.
Music is only allowed after consultation with the bookings secretary, and the volume must not exceed a level determined by the AASFG.
Hirers are required to leave the pavilion secure, windows and doors locked and to return the key to the key safe by the entrance door.
Only the specific rooms and equipment hired may be used, other hirers may be using other facilities (unless exclusive use is secured).
Any damage caused, or additional cleaning required after the hire, will be charged to the hirer. This charge will be a minimum of £50.00.
Barbecues, fires and any cooking facilities other than those provided in the kitchen are not permitted anywhere on the site without express permission.
The premises are not to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.
Cars are parked at owner’s risk, and must not block the site entrance or block access for emergency vehicles.
Camping or overnight stays are not permitted except by special arrangement.
The field and pavilion may not be used for any licensable activity except with the prior consent of the AASFG. Licensable activity includes, but is not limited to, public performance of any nature, or via any media, the sale of alcohol for consumption on or off the premises. This includes payment of any kind for an event at which alcohol or other licensable activity is provided. For any licensable activity, permission must be sought prior to booking from the bookings secretary.  The hirer is responsible for obtaining any relevant temporary notices or legal requirements to conduct the licensable activity.
The hirer must turn off all water taps, lights, heating and any other electrical equipment at the end of the hire period. All equipment must be clean and stored as found. Failure to comply with this term may result, at the discretion of the AASFG, in an additional charge.